What disturbs me about many of those I see using food stamps at the local stores, are that they are often a 7-11 or other fairly expensive places to buy food, instead of at Walmart where they can obtain good food at cheaper prices.

By all means, don’t require them to work. We don’t dare hurt companies who depend on the low-income people to drive their sales up. If they can’t handle that, then they really deserve to go belly up. This idiot’s reasoning is part of what’s wrong with this country. Do you agree?


Any drop in food stamp subsidies because of work requirements for welfare will lead to lower sales for some companies, according to some financial analysts.

“In 2009, the federal stimulus bill allowed states to waive the work requirement, which limited out-of-work adults to three months of SNAP benefits before they must find a job, in areas with high unemployment,”Paul Trussell, a research analyst at Deutsche Bank, told his clients Thursday, according to Business Insider.

More than 43 million people are still on food stamps, but that number is dropping as states reinstate the work requirements.

Trussell’s concern is the effect the drop in food stamps enrollment will have on businesses like Dollar Tree and Walmart, which cater to lower income families. More