Pathetic sell-out. It’s amazes me how much support a new lake house can buy. Bernie is honest and sincere, a man of his word I tell you! Well maybe not. The millennials have a lot in common with Bernie. They won’t have their first real job until they are 40 years old either.

This weekend, Sen. Bernie Sanders embarks on a campus tour of Ohio. As Hillary Clinton struggles to win support in the swing state, where he aims to show Millennials that Mrs. Clinton can be their candidate.

CS Monitor:

There’s no two ways about it: Millennials love Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately for the Hillary Clinton campaign, they’re not so keen on the Democratic presidential nominee. This weekend, Senator Sanders heads to Ohio to get voters fired up about Mrs. Clinton.

In a June study, 54 percent of Millennials saw the Vermont senator favorably. That compares to 37 percent for Clinton, and just 17 percent for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. In the Ohio Democratic primary, CNN exit polling showed Mr. Sanders winning 81 percent of the Millennial vote.

Now, the Clinton campaign hopes to use Sanders’ star power among Millennials to get younger voters – who are historically underrepresented at the polls – to turn out in swing states. Sanders and fellow progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) of Massachusetts will be spending the weekend on a campus tour of Ohio. For the Millennials he’s hoping to sway, how effective of a Clinton…  More