Bill’s 70th Birthday Party Bash… Will having to be nice to Bill even on his birthday give Hillary some more seizures? Just wondering outside of their public appearances, do Hillary and Bill ever see each other? I really don’t think so.

“Hillary Clinton Not Planning to Attend Husband Bill’s 70th Birthday” And Colin Powell is the only one who knows why.

People Magazine:

The Clinton Foundation is throwing former President Bill Clinton a lavish 70th birthday bash in New York City on Friday, where he will also raise funds for the charity.

His wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, does not plan to attend the event, a Clinton campaign source confirms to PEOPLE. The Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea, who has said she will stay on the foundation’s board if her mother is elected president, will attend, a spokesperson confirms to PEOPLE.

Another source close to the planning confirms to PEOPLE that the party will be held at the Rainbow Room, an iconic venue overlooking the New York skyline. Barbra Streisand and Wynton Marsalis are slated to perform, as well as Jon Bon Jovi, who also performed at a Clinton fundraiser in the Hamptons late last month. More