Plus flogs three more men for playing football…

Hummm. Welding, one has to wonder who exactly comes up with this stuff. Skittles in a bowl… take a big handful. Don’t want to? That’s okay Hillary, Obama and Kerry will do it for you. Hard to believe anyone would want to risk bringing these Islamic State animals here as refugees!

Daily Mirror:

Islamic State has executed six boys with a welding rod and flogged three young men for playing football, it has been reported.

The six boys from the Nineveh area in Iraq were said to have been handcuffed before a welding machine and rod was used to kill them in a public execution by the terror group in central Mosul.

“ISIS said that the youths belonged to a resistance faction,” a source said in a report by American Herald Tribune .

“The execution took place in Mosul in front of a large gathering. This came in order to create a state of fear and panic among the people.” More