By Throwing Them Overboard… Yes, just because of their religion. Christian migrants, along with the Yazidis, are the only migrants any country should be accepting. Liberal do gooders want such people to have unfettered access to our nation. Will these imports be the very seed of our nation’s future destruction?

Daily Mail:

A boat captain from Cameroon murdered six passengers crossing from Morocco to Spain because they were Christian, prosecutors claim.

The Muslim man, identified in court documents as Alain N. B, blamed the Christians for rough seas, 29 survivors testified.

He forced six men off the  boat, sending them to certain death, it is claimed.

The alleged killings happened on a crossing between Nador in northern Morocco and southern Spain in 2014, The Telegraph reports.

Investigators were told that the captain and his second in command, also from Cameroon, believed the weather got worse each time the Christians prayed.

They used planks of wood to beat the Nigerian pastor, with the public prosecutor writing: ‘They badly wounded him before throwing him overboard.’

Witnesses claim the duo then searched fellow passengers for signs they were Christian, and similarly attacked five other migrants.