Dominique Alexander was also behind the protest which ended when 5 police officers were killed by Micah Johnson. Previous time behind bars, you know like when a defendant is jailed awaiting trial is always subtracted from a prison sentence. But time on probation does not typically apply. What good are judges if they are not held accountable to uphold the laws on the books?

Dallas News:

A Dallas activist was released from prison Wednesday just eight days after he reported to prison to serve a five-year sentence for seriously injuring a child by shaking him.

And it isn’t an error.

A spokesman for the Texas prison system said Friday that when state District Judge Gracie Lewis noted the date of the beginning of Dominique Alexanders’s sentence on paperwork, she wrote that it was July 2011.

The judge counted the time Alexander lived in the free world on probation as part of his time served.

The move sliced more than three years from his sentence.

“He did his sentence, and he got out out on the 21st,” said prison spokes man Jason Clark.

Lewis declined to comment. She is a Democrat who took the bench in 2009 and was previously a juvenile court associate judge. More