Look Mom….. Your son Keith Lamont Scott had a gun. He did not comply with police orders to put down that said gun. He didn’t have a book, ok? There was no book, but there was a gun and your son got shot. The police officer acted appropriately. You are upset and haven’t appreciated the way the media has been bringing up your son’s criminal past? Well that is fair game too.

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Keith Lamont Scott’s mother spoke to Live 5 News Thursday night and said she received one last call from her son the day he was shot in Charlotte.

According to Vernita Scott Walker, who lives on James Island, she received the call at 2:22 p.m. on Tuesday.

Vernita played the call which consisted of noises, and Keith apparently saying “Lamont.”

“And he done got shot. And he called me. Yes he did he called me,” Vernita said.”He just wanted me to know that it was him.”

Vernita didn’t find out about his death until she turned on the television.

“Later on I heard on the news, CNN or one of them about the shooting and my daughters pulled it up on Facebook,” Vernita said.

She said Keith Scott was waiting for his son to get off the bus as he does each day.

“That’s a task for him everyday, so he can be out there to get a special spot,” Vernita said.”He sits in the truck and reads his book.”

But not just any book, according to Vernita. The Quran, which she says he used to read everyday.

“He loved to read that book, he loved to read that book,” Vernita said. More