Are we supposed to be surprised or something? The fact that this criminal wasn’t indicted is an indictment of the Obama regime and the leftist scum that support it. It doesn’t matter how many she deleted, the government has proven time and time again over the last seven and a half  years that some people are totally above the law. I’m tired of the same old stuff it is time to shake things up in DC.

Washington Examiner

At least 2,800 emails from the records recovered off Hillary Clinton’s server by the FBI were related to her State Department work, government attorneys revealed Friday.

However, most of the files will not be made public until after the election, according to a schedule laid out by the State Department at a court hearing Friday.

Of the 15,000 emails collected by the FBI, 9,400 were deemed personal in nature and will be withheld by the government. Up to 50 percent of the remaining 5,600 emails could be duplicates of documents already made public by the agency, leaving at least 2,800 official records that have never been disclosed.

The revelations came in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch. The Wall Street Journal first reported details of the new production schedule. More