What the heck is wrong with Jesse Jackson? Citizens of Charlotte fought hard to calm things down. I guess it’s okay since they robbed a business he didn’t like, no regard for the many other victims of looting. Somebody needs to let Rev. Jackson know Wells Fargo wasn’t targeted by precision looting. He can’t even keep a straight thought on the topic.


Rev. Jesse Jackson refused Thursday to condemn the violent protests that have devastated Charlotte, North Carolina over the past two days during a contentious interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.

Their conversation came after a night of violence in Charlotte where one person was put on life support after being shot and city police came out in riot gear firing tear gas and flash bangs trying to disperse the crowd. Protests began Wednesday night following the shooting death of a black man by police the prior day and turned into riots as the night went on.

Jackson would not say at one point during the interview if the rioting was fair to the victims who were affected.

“Do you find that what happened last night got out of control when so many, when so many started attacking structures, attacking police vehicles, breaking into stores, many of them black owned businesses. Is that fair?” Cavuto asked. More