Trying to nail Hillary Clinton down on any position is like trying to nail down some Jello. She panders to so many different groups, she can’t even keep track of what she had promised to who! To take a position either way would alienate 50% of her supporters! I’m betting she knows exactly what she promised to big donors of the Clinton Foundation though.


Does Hillary Clinton support sanctuary cities or not? CNN’s Jake Tapper put that question to Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, when Mook appeared on “State of the Union” Sunday. (Clinton did not appear. She was preparing for Monday night’s debate.)

“I want to turn to the subject of immigration, because it’s a topic that’s sure to come up tomorrow. It’s a major part of the Trump campaign,” Tapper told Mook. “When it comes to Hillary Clinton, I have to ask about sanctuary cities — cities where they do not enforce federal immigration laws. And that sometimes means that people who are criminals, who are in this country illegally, end up getting free and committing worse crimes. It just is a fact that that does happen. Does Hillary Clinton consider sanctuary cities to be a problem?” Tapper asked.

“Well, first of all, Jake, as you mentioned, we do think this is a really important difference between both of the candidates,” Mook responded. (He was talking about immigration in general, not sanctuary cities.) More