This is child abuse and it is totally sickening. Holding up a sign that says Justin Carr. Who was, by the way, shot by a black protester, not a police officer. But hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of your narrative. The indoctrination must start young age so they don’t ask any questions as they get older.


This is easily one of the more abusive and despicable things I have ever seen people to do a child. They have lied to this child, even giving her a sign to carry saying Justin Carr has been killed by the police. Justin Carr was allegedly killed by Rayquan Borum during the riots in Charlotte, a reporter actually saw him do the shooting. The police had nothing to do with it. But BLM continues to claim he was killed by police. How should a little girl feel about that when she doesn’t actually know the truth?

Imagine this girl now inculcated with this lie, that cops want to kill and are targeting black people. How will she respond in 6 years when she might be stopped for a traffic violation? This is the lying perniciousness of Black Lives Matter. More