I’m wondering what they would do if a black person would have held the all lives matter sign? Those poor black people have been very well indoctrinated by democrats to hate white people and themselves. What better way to keep them in dependent servitude. Make them unemployable, make sure most of their young men are in jail, keep their neighborhoods deplorable, give them the worst disgusting schools and yet these fascist leftist pigs will get their votes. Leftists are indeed demonic geniuses. Maybe they should wise up and vote Trump.

TDC: Known for videos he calls “shocking social experiments,” Joey Salads is no stranger to controversy. But his latest video saw him being threatened and attacked, ultimately running from a beating for holding a sign reading “all lives matter” in a black neighborhood.

The video has been viewed more than 28 million times in the one day since it was posted to Facebook.

First Salads went to a white neighborhood holding a sign reading “black lives matter” outside a grocery store. With each passerby he asked if they supported the protest group. Some did, most did not. But the filming went on without incident.

Next, he went to a black neighborhood and held a sign reading “all lives matter.” The expletives began to fly. More