Letting them to grow, take territory, and kill Jews and Christians is their goal? Well John Kerry finally told the truth, they are happy with where they are with ISIS.

Someone please tell me how can John Kerry be “extremely dissatisfied” with Syria but at the same time “feel good about where we are moving” with ISIS? Incompetence and cowardice are acceptable to Obama and his little stooges.

NTK: Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum on Thursday.

Moderator Steven Clemons asked Kerry if the Iran Deal was what he was most proud of during his tenure as Secretary of State, Kerry dodged that question saying: “I don’t…I really haven’t stopped, and sort of start to, you know, create a scale of,” before trailing off.

Clemons interjected with another question: “What are you least satisfied with during your tenure?”

“I’m not happy with Syria. I’m very, very dissatisfied with where we are in Syria,” Kerry responded also citing Yemen and Libya as challenges. More