Now Hillary wants her supporters to go ahead and convert people themselves over to her camp through interventions? Go right ahead and try this crap with me. You better be prepared to spend hours listening to every single fact I know about her & it is a ton! I would crawl over fire to vote against her.


Hillary Clinton called for her supporters to stage interventions for their friends thinking about voting for Donald Trump on Friday during a rally in Coral Springs, Florida.

“Really,” Clinton said. “Because remember, friends don’t let friends vote for Trump.”

When suggesting how to get more people to vote for her, Clinton gave the rally audience a new idea, relaying a template in order to perform the intervention.

“So, here is what I hope you will do,” she said. “When you leave here, if somebody says, ‘Where were you this afternoon?’ You say, ‘Oh, I went to a rally for Hillary Clinton.’” More