When he sees school doesn’t have one… It’s not just any flag. It is the symbol of men & women who died for this country and those in it. It’s to be respected by all. It’s by no means a symbol of oppression or hate. This young man was raised right and knows how to show his respect for the American flag and his country.


A high school football player from Troy, New York, is going viral for his patriotism.

Mechanicville High School lineman Daniel Hayner was standing with his team for the national anthem before a game against Catholic High last week.

When he realized there was no American flag to face, he jumped into action.

“All the stuff that’s happening now with the flag and stuff, so I didn’t know if it was like that or where it was,” Hayner said.

Hayner’s team always carries a flag with them, so he grabbed it and held it high in the middle of the field.

A photo of Hayner holding the stars and stripes was shared on social media and has quickly gone viral. More