Simply unbelievable. We know what this is. Stupid liberals solidifying democratic control of the states as most felons are going to vote democrat.

Once a person is convicted of a felony, they give up all of their God given rights as an American citizen including losing your right to vote. It’s time to clean up the corruption of our government!

The Constitution: As they desperately seek to enlarge their voting base, one group that Democrats are diligently working to cultivate are convicted felons–both those who have been released after serving their sentence and even those still sitting in jail.

The most recent example of Democrats cultivating felon voters cropped up earlier this year in the Commonwealth of Virginia where Democrat Governor and major Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe tried to pass off an executive order as state law in order to give felons in Virginia the right to vote.

In April, McAuliffe signed a sweeping executive order granting up to 206,000 convicted felons in Virginia the vote. It was a startling move that even the Richmond Examiner called “unprecedented.”

Saying the standards that disenfranchised felons is a “barrier” that “must be broken down,” the governor’s illicit order gave the vote to both non-violent and violent felons. Not only did he intend to give the vote to the common drug user caught with felon amounts of drugs, but McAuliffe decided that rapists and murderers should also have a say in the state’s elections.

McAuliffe is a long-time Democrat operative. Before becoming governor in 2014, McAuliffe was the Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman for her 2008 run for president and before that was the head of the Democrat National Committee during the George W. Bush years. McAuliffe was famous for his broken moral compass and his ability to raise vast sums of money for the Democrat cause. More.