Happened at 12 a.m. this morning. This was a huge mistake. There should be no “experiments” when it comes to Freedom of Speech and U.S. entrepreneurship. This would never have happened if Obama had not been President. He is too busy forcing globalization on the U.S. and thus ruining the country. I hope there is some legal way we can retrieve our control. How be long before sites like this one is only accessible with a ham radio and big antennas?

This one question from Ted Cruz sums it all up, making a point while grilling the CEO of ICANN, the organization taking over control.

Forty seven years after the first message was sent over the forerunner to today’s pervasive global network, the US has given up its remaining control over the internet.

The formal handover, which took effect on Saturday, followed a last-ditch attempt by a group of Republicans to block the move. They had argued that the US concession would open to the door for authoritarian governments get control of the network of networks, leading to greater censorship.

However, supporters of the handover plan maintained that it was the only way to prevent a greater threat to the internet, since foreign governments who resented the US control would end up walling off their own national networks, eventually Balkanising the global system.

On Friday, a judge in Texas refused to grant an injunction requested by four Republican state attorneys-general to bar the move. That followed the end of an attempted Congressional rebellion, led by senator Ted Cruz. More