New Black Panther Party Leader Quanell X: “This Is Not Your Country, You Whites Stole It.”

The usual script, they always seem to want to push the blame on everyone else. They have had the same opportunities as most people, except maybe the ones at either end of the scale who have either been born lucky or extremely unlucky. They should apply themselves at school, get a decent education then get a job and work hard. That is how to get what you want. They seem to think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. It just does not work that way, you don’t get the nice things in life for nothing, unless you turn to a life of crime which seems to be  common place for a lot of people who are just too lazy to work!

“The country belongs to Indians [Native Americans], you white folks stole it from them. You all need to go home, you all need to go back where you came from.

“Let the Indians decide who should go and I guarantee you black folks will stay and you’ll all be on the first d*** boat leaving here.” More