Hillary busted selling weapons to ISIS. This is the reason she refused to send Military aid to our embassy that was under attack in Benghazi. Want to know why? Our military would have confiscated the weapons and doing so discovered that this administration had supplied them to Muslim terrorists. Please stop Hillary by voting for Trump in November.

The Trump Truck: Hillary Clinton, the mother of all liars, has been exposed once again. Probably won’t amount to much since anyone who comes against Hillary suddenly ends up in a ditch somewhere, before they can officially prove anything.

This time, it has been confirmed by WikiLeaks. Hillary Clinton was, in fact, selling weapons to ISIS; the terrorist group responsible for the many fatal attacks around the world, including on American soil. I wonder if she cut them a deal, something to benefit or secure her future more.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is willing to expose her through the emails he discovered.

His accusation: Hillary Clinton AND her State Department were selling weapons and arming Islamic jihadists. More