Bias Alert!  Should they cut the mic until the other person is done speaking? That might put an end to it.

Quijano is another bought and paid for puppet of the Clinton cable network. It is amazing how much of our population can’t see that our media is an actual, official arm of the Democrat Party.

Pence took that snake to the cleaners. He should’ve knocked Kaine out of his chair for interrupting. It would’ve given Trump a 10 point lead. Kaine is so obviously a big mouth jerk.

Free Beacon:

CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano is sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s damn emails.

During Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, moderator Quijano was quick to interrupt Republican Gov. Mike Pence (Ind.) whenever he brought up Clinton’s email scandal or questions about her family’s foundation. Quijano interrupted Pence a total of five times. There was one exchange when Pence tied the issue of cyber security to Clinton’s private email server.  More