Allegations of evidence tampering… Wow, either the FBI is completely incompetent or insanely corrupt. I believe it’s the latter. Director James Comey should resign. He has irreparably tarnished the FBI’s reputation and if he doesn’t then he should face impeachment. There is no excuse for this level of secrecy, ambivalence, malfeasance and just plain pure manipulation and all to protect Hillary Clinton.

The Hill:

The FBI’s notes on its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server raise questions about two “bankers boxes” of printed emails that went missing in the course of the probe, Fox News reported.

Among the FBI’s lengthy report are its notes from a 2015 interview with an unnamed Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS) employee, which were heavily redacted.

The notes say that IPS officials were told that there were 14 bankers boxes of emails at Clinton’s home, but when they were picked up from her lawyer’s office, there were only 12.

The report also points out that emails dated from early 2009, at the start of her term, were missing. The FBI said it’s not clear if she was using another email address at that time.

“Initially, IPS officials were told there were 14 bankers boxes of former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails at Clinton’s Friendship Heights office,” the employee told the FBI. More