Hilarious! I love hearing about these morons accidentally blowing themselves up. What a bunch of losers they are. Wonder if we could slip some defective material into their bomb vest making programs. It would be lovely if they all detonated at random.

Do we really think senior ISIS members are suicide bombers? Isn’t the roll of suicide bomber relegated to low level idiots you won’t miss? Just asking.

Daily Mail:

ISIS military commander Abu Abdullah al-Kanadi and jihadist official Abu Mohamed al-Telafari were killed as they prepared the explosives.

The explosion caused damage to nearby houses in central Hawija near Kirkuk in Northern Iraq.

 ‘An explosive belt exploded at a late hour yesterday in central Hawija killing an ISIS military commander, Abu Abdullah al-Kanadi and the Jihadist official Abu Mohamed al-Telafari while they were trying to prepare it,’ Iraqi news outlet Al Mada reported.

‘The belt explosion caused material damages to nearby houses.’ More