Folks, the Democrats are wanting to have open borders and to bring more refugees in that would be given free Obamacare. That would only leave the hard working taxpayer to pay for all this if they are lucky to have a job.  The Democrats want everyone to be dependent on the government.  That way the government controls everything.  That’s why they have always wanted single-payer health care.  Then they will decide if and when you will get to see a doctor and weather to be treated or not.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Sunday she would “love” a single-payer health care system as a way to remedy what Bill Clinton criticized last week about Obamacare.

This is not a new opinion for Pelosi. In 2014, she said she wanted such a measure to improve the president’s law.

Pelosi was asked by Meet The Press host Chuck Todd about Clinton’s remarks that Obamacare was the “craziest thing in the world” due to its negative effects on middle-class people who didn’t qualify for the law’s subsidies. More