How can Bernie and his supporters continue to support Hillary Clinton? I’m guessing Bernie was 100% bought and paid for by Hillary. Proving crime really does pay. I hope he really enjoys his new vacation home at the lake. His young millennial supporters are getting a real life lesson in the total corruption of the Democrat party.

Fox News:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign purportedly compiled a massive “hits” file on Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders, calling into question his “progressive bona fides” on issues ranging from labor to guns to Wall Street, according to a new trove of emails posted by WikiLeaks.

The 71-page, nearly 50,000-word document was released Monday as the second installment in WikiLeaks’ dump of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s alleged emails. The email, titled “PLS REVIEW: Sanders Hits,” was sent by campaign research director Tony Carrk on Oct. 28, 2015 – nearly nine months before the liberal Vermont senator would endorse Clinton following their protracted primary battle.

“Attached are some hits that could either be written or deployed during the next debate on Sanders,” Carrk writes, noting that the immense opposition research file would eventually be expanded with critiques of Sanders’ plan to provide affordable college education.

The document, which was prepared in advance of February’s Iowa caucuses, also notes: “Per HRC’s request,” the research team is “doing a deeper dive on Sanders’s agriculture record.” More

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