Tim Tebow prays over man having a seizure what great testimony to God’s power! The power of prayer is powerful. You don’t have to be without sin in order to pray for someone and have that prayer answered. May God bless Tim Tebow. He is just the kind of man that the sports world really needs.

NY Post:

Tim Tebow apparently isn’t just resurrecting his athletic career.

The Mets minor leaguer, assigned to the Arizona Fall League in Scottsdale, tended to a man who appeared to be having a seizure on Tuesday.

After his first game as a Scottsdale Scorpion, the former NFL quarterback was signing autographs when a fan hit the ground, reportedly convulsing.

The outspoken evangelical Christian, according to a report from ABC15 in Phoenix, then put out his outstretched hand and prayed over the fan, whose episode calmed. More