It is needed to protect the right to hunt and the Second Amendment. Our state laws are fast becoming a defensive tool against a tyrannical government that wants to take away our God given rights. You can bet good money that even if such a measure pass, the left will find some activist judge to strike them down as “unconstitutional.”


Listed as Question 1 and Amendment 1, respectively, voters in Indiana and Kansas will have to vote up or down on adding a right to hunt and fish to their state constitutions.

The voter initiatives, which in the past have proven popular at the polls, would open up the state documents and install the constitutional right to hunt, fish, and trap subject to conservation laws while establishing public harvest by sportsmen as the preferred method of wildlife management. Lawmakers in both states approved the proposals by wide margins, sending them to the ballot.

“It’s up to Hoosiers to decide whether this is part of their heritage or not,” said Indiana Sen. Brent Steele, R-Bedford, author of the proposed amendment in that state. “For me it is, and for the thousands of Hoosiers who hunt and fish, it’s an important part of who they are.”

If approved by voters, they would amend the respective state constitutions of each to preserve hunting and fishing as a basic right guaranteed by law. Doing so, proponents argue, will make it all that much harder to pass anti-gun legislation in those states in future years. More