By banning western cowgirl playset plus other toys…

How stupid are these people. Destroy the Democratic machine and break the chains already! Get real enforcement instead of this crony BS!

Chicago Gets Serious About Sky-High Murder Rate By Banning This!

I had one when I was a young cowgirl in Texas! I shot a lot of bad guys and Indians with my duel six guns while riding my American Quarter Horse! Liberals just don’t know how to have any real fun, now do they?

Daily Caller: will not deliver a toy cowgirl playset to Chicago residents, apparently because of a municipal law in the city forbidding replica toy firearms.

The hot pink ensemble — “everything a kid needs to be a ‘real’ Western cowgirl!” — comes with a child-size cowgirl hat, a holster festooned with a silhouetted horse and rider and a six-pointed badge with a shirt clip and space for a name.

There’s also a silver and pink cap gun among the accessories.

However, Amazon explains to Chicago residents: “This item cannot be shipped to your selected location.”

The law upon which Amazon relies to refuse sales of the cowgirl playset is presumably §4-144-190 of the Chicago Municipal Code. The ordinance, titled “Replica firearms and pellet guns” bans the possession and transfer of “any device, object or facsimile made of plastic, wood, metal or any other material, that a person could reasonably perceive as an actual firearm but that is incapable of being fired or discharged.” The strict law specifically encompasses lighters, camera and mobile phone cases — but makes an exception for certain antique firearm replicas (and for paint pellet guns at paintball parks). More