By stomping on an American Flag… Good grief, the ignorance of these protesters really has no bounds. It it wrong of me to hope these troublemakers get a taste of life under a Communist government they really want? The only way I could be under Communism is to be 6ft under.

The College Fix:

At a recent event hosted by the UCLA Bruin Republicans, members of the school’s communist “Revolution Club” retaliated against keynote speaker Sabine Durden, an anti-illegal immigration activist, by defiling an American flag.

At times, protesters also chanted over and shouted at panelists as the event took place Thursday, video obtained by The College Fix shows.

Known for testifying on behalf of her son — a former 9/11 dispatcher who was killed by an illegal immigrant — Durden actively campaigns for Donald Trump, advocating for national security and strong borders.

But Durden drew the ire of students who crashed the event. They called for open borders and condemned her for using the term “illegal aliens.” Many were members of the “Revolution Club UCLA.”

At one point Durden was almost at the brink of tears.

“I don’t mind anything you have to say, whether if you agree with me or not, but it’s incredibly hard to be here and talk about my son,” Durden said. “I expect you guys to be somewhat respectful.” […]

Outside the event, protesters took their anger out on an American flag, stepping on it and calling for a total communist revolution. More