When is Whoopi leaving for Canada? Thought she’d be on a jet plane by now. Whoopi has an exaggerated view of her importance and of her relevance. The sparkle fell off her star long ago. She actually thinks people really care about her opinions. Obviously the majority Americans disagrees with everything Whoopi stands for.

I agree with Candace Cameron Bure it is time for prayers.


Bure cut in but said she was nervous to be addressing the audience so shortly after the results had been announced.

“My heart is beating so fast. I am a little nervous to even speak today. I honestly didn’t think… Donald was going to win, and I can’t say that I’m upset about it,” she said.

Bure said she voted based on policy, noting she disagrees with many things the president-elect has said. The “Fuller House” star encouraged the audience to turn to God and encouraged everyone to come together in unity.

“I pray that we come together,” she said. More