Media runs sad sob stories about mexicans losing jobs to Trump’s America…

Donald Trump is just doing what he is supposed to do, keep the jobs here for Americans while kicking the illegals out. We’ve had 8 years of the scum of the earth, time to take our country back from the illegals and refugees!

The Daily Caller:

Media outlets ran an Associated Press story Friday that outlined just how terrible President-elect Donald Trump will be … for Mexican jobs.

Mexican reporter Christopher Sherman wrote the story for The AP, and high-profile outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, the Chicago Tribune, and Business Insider all ran the story, alongside countless smaller news organizations nationwide.

The piece shares stories of Mexicans upset with decisions by Ford and Carrier, which recently announced investments in U.S.-based plants in lieu of planned investments in Mexico. Ford announced it would cancel a $1.6 billion car plant investment in the northern part of Mexico.

The proposed plant would have hired 2,800 Mexicans, and the resulting economic boost would have added 10,000 jobs to the region, according to the report. More