This event is intended to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party, a black nationalist political movement known for its socialist ideology and often violent tactics.

So, celebrating a group known to hate white people and Jews, as well as promote violence is somehow fine with Yale…

Campus Reform:

The Afro-American Cultural Center (AACC) at Yale University is celebrating Black History Month by holding a “Black Panther Party.”

“Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party” is scheduled to be held on February 26 as part of a month-long series of events sponsored by the AACC during February, The Yale Daily News reports.

The Black Panther Party was a black nationalist and socialist movement which sought to empower black community leaders and improve the socio economic position of black Americans and other minority communities, as outlined in political platforms adopted by the Party in 1966 and 1972.More