We are being strangled by all the “RULES & REGULATIONS” put out by all these unelected bureaucrats. If we get rid of one agency a month, it will still take about 50 years to get the job done.

Godspeed Senator Ted Cruz, the country survived without this agency before… Go ahead and kill it.


Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a two-page bill Tuesday to abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the darling of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The Repeal CFPB Act, which Cruz and four other Republican senators sponsored, would repeal the Consumer Protection Act of 2010, the part of the Dodd-Frank bill that created the CFPB and granted it sweeping authority over banks, money lenders and financial institutions.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does little to protect consumers,” Cruz said in a statement. More

Full text of the legislation can be viewed here.