What he said was most likely true, but what he didn’t say was even more revealing.

The wiretaps were illegal, but Lynch was entirely sure that Hillary would have a victory that she didn’t care. She and Obama are both criminals and need to be prosecuted.

Daily Caller:

A January 19 New York Times report on wiretap investigations involving the Trump team and Russian officials stemmed from intercepts picked up overseas that did not require any warrants.

New York Times Public Editor Liz Spayd differentiated the paper’s claims from those of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who said that warrants were never obtained to wiretap Trump or his associates.

“I reached out to editors in the Washington bureau to seek their help in clarifying the difference between Clapper’s — and The Times’s — assertions that no warrants had been issued, and the reference to wiretapping in the January story,” Spayd wrote.

“Elisabeth Bumiller, the bureau chief, said the January story was referring to information picked up from wiretaps and other intelligence collected overseas, a process that requires no warrants.” More

This is the same idiot who, when he was DNI, said that the Muslim Brotherhood was not violent and was mostly secular.