I can see this already coming… The Who’s Who’s kids will attend a great school, the working-class folk’s kids will be shoved in with the social rejects, and thugs. Then, you will be called an intolerant racist if you dare say a word about which school your child was assigned to.

Is it going to be like barrels of apples, they are going to spread out the bad ones until ALL of the barrels are rotten?


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has posted new school diversity ratings that will shape which students get into magnet programs – and probably play into which schools see boundary changes in the coming months.

In November, the school board approved a system that uses Census data on family income, single-parent homes, English as a second language, parent education level and home ownership to balance schools by socioeconomic status, or SES. It replaces school poverty levels as a gauge of school diversity or isolation.

The theory has been known for months, but no one had seen how it plays out for schools until CMS quietly posted the list this week. Those ratings are already shaping admission to magnet schools for 2017-18 and will likely influence boundary decisions for 2018-19. More