We don’t already have this information because the federal government declared that it did not want the information nor did it want anyone else to have it.

An illegal alien committed a crime by not following the law to become immigrant. Being in the US illegally is a misdemeanor and after being deported is a felony. So by the very definition, every single illegal alien is a criminal.


Deal with it, Democrats: illegal immigrants commit crime far more often than legal immigrants.

Six days after President Trump was inaugurated as our 45th President, the typing wizards at the New York Times got a little desperate. We’re talking nail biting; chain-smoking; shot-pounding nervous.

So they made a story. Days before President Trump’s first address to Congress—CNN and Vox copied the New York Times’ yellow journalism. Their big story: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE HARDWORKING TAXPAYERS WHO RARELY COMMIT CRIMES. (Too bad it was also a big lie.)

Contradictions and fallacies immediately jump out at you. More