Don’t attack a cop and try to take his gun. You won’t get shot. It is just that simple actually.

Holy cow! What an idiot! To every point that didn’t fit his narrative his answer was ”I don’t care.” Great debate strategy. Absolutely none of the events leading up to the shooting matter. When it begins to matter is the point the officer approached the two young men and began to question them.


The filmmaker who discovered a new video of Mike Brown the night before he was killed by a Ferguson policeman went ballistic on Fox News’ Martha MacCullum for questioning his contention that it exonerated Mike Brown and proved wrong-doing by Darren Wilson.

“The FBI agents went down there, [former Attorney General] Eric Holder went down there…” MacCallum asked, but was interrupted by a shouting Pollock.

“To indict Darren Wilson?!” He interjected.  “To indict Darren Wilson? No way! You know how the system works, these cops get off every single time! Bob McCullough has been the prosecutor from over two decades, and for 23 years, excuse me, let me just finish this, let me just finish this!” he shouted at her attempts to cut him off. “For 23 years, according to the Washington Post, there has not been a prosecution of a single police shooting in St. Louis County. Every single one of them?! Every single one of them?!” More