Whoop! Cuts that are actual real cuts, not just a cut to the increase they were already set to receive. Government agencies are extremely top heavy, get rid of politicals and most senior executive service positions.

Labor costs are way too excessive and 20% should only be a starting point. Do we even really need a Department of Labor?

Free Beacon:

Donald Trump’s budget calls for a 21 percent cut to the Department of Labor in order to free up tax dollars for military spending.

The budget blueprint released by the White House on Thursday indicated that the administration intends to scale back the agency’s operations and refocus enforcement efforts. The blueprint acknowledges that the department is key to “safeguarding their working conditions, benefits, and wages,” but says that cuts are necessary to offset increases to defense spending.

“With the need to rebuild the Nation’s military without increasing the deficit, this Budget focuses the Department of Labor on its highest priority functions and disinvests in activities that are duplicative, unnecessary, unproven, or ineffective,” the brief section on labor says. More