Sesame Street or Elmo hasn’t been on PBS for years now…

Here is a really controversial thought. People who watch PBS should support it. I don’t, why should my tax money be taken from me and used to support something I disagree with. The Constitution does not permit the Federal Government to do this.


You might say “Sesame Street’s” newest move is being brought to you not by a letter or number, but by a symbol: $. If the show’s production company, Sesame Workshop, didn’t find a new way to win financial support for the venerable kids’ program, it would not have been able to continue in its mission of educating children the way it has since 1969.

“The current path we were walking on wasn’t going to work,” explained Steve Youngwood, chief operating officer of Sesame Workshop, in an interview Thursday afternoon. He said the new one will: a five-year deal with Time Warner’s HBO that will result in the production of nearly twice as many “Sesame Street” episodes per season than usual (albeit each half as long). More