Gina McCarthy and her ilk were making rules and regulations that were bad for the economy and costing tens of thousands of people their jobs.

The simple truth is that the people voted for a change of government because they did not like how things were going. It’s not about things being illegal but it is about these ladies accepting the will of the people.


Hundreds of people in the Obama administration spent years building the climate change regulations that the president hoped would mark a lasting turning point in the nation’s response to global warming. But it took only a couple of months for President Donald Trump to start wiping them out.

That stunning course shift has left former Obama environmental officials and diplomats frustrated and upset — if not surprised.

“From the moment the election became clear, all of us had the months and years of work that we had done flash before our eyes,” said Christy Goldfuss, who served as former President Barack Obama’s top environmental adviser as the leader of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

For Gina McCarthy, who led EPA when it issued its landmark greenhouse gas restrictions for power plants, it was no shock that Trump would seek to undo Obama’s climate regulations by using the same executive power that had gone into their creation. But she said she’s stunned at how fast Trump is moving.

“The approach they’re taking is really a slash-and-burn approach,” she told

“I really honestly don’t know what dragon they’re trying to slay here,” McCarthy added. “I really don’t. If they’re saying EPA has done something illegal, then let the courts decide that. If they think that EPA is anti-economy, then show me some data that shows that.”. More