The Department of Homeland Security designates California and Connecticut as sanctuary states.

Well, say goodbye to your federal funding! Comply with the law or suffer the consequences. They should begin enforcement of immigration laws that target employers in those sanctuary cities and states. The laws are already on the books. 

Free Beacon:

The Department of Homeland Security added the entire states of California and Connecticut to its list of U.S. jurisdictions that hinder cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in detaining illegal immigrants.

Both states had enacted legislation called “Trust Acts,” allowing local law enforcement to ignore ICE’s requests to detain certain illegal immigrants in custody. However, the legislation maintains that an illegal immigrant would be detained if the individual had a criminal past.

Connecticut honors ICE detainers if an individual is a gang member, convicted of a felony, or is under pending charges, among other things. Since early February, local law enforcement in Connecticut “will not enforce ICE Detainer Requests solely on the basis of a final order of removal, unless accompanied by a judicial warrant, or past criminal conviction, unless the conviction is for a violent felony,” according to a Weekly Declined Detainer Outcome report by ICE. More