Just take a look at their new waiting room: Looks like a place where children would have loads of fun. But oh wait…

Planned Parenthood’s new headquarters is built in an old auto shop and it still cost almost 20 million and was funded entirely by private donations. Conveniently located next to Two Rivers Public Charter School. Someone, please tell me again why they need our hard-earned taxpayer dollars?

Legal Insurrection:

Planned Parenthood recently opened their new D.C. headquarters office. Built in an old auto shop, Planned Parenthood’s new digs cost $19.7 million to build and was funded by private donations (all the more reason America’s largest abortion purveyor doesn’t need federal monies, but I digress).

The Washingtonian took a tour of the “swanky” new office concluding “the Carol Whitehill Moses Center is the most thoughtfully designed of all the organization’s facilities nationwide.” […]

Pretending abortion is cute doesn’t change what it is — the legalized murder of an unborn life. More