Setting arson fires and plotting a random murder-for-hire are illogical means by which to further a cause. But, we can’t apply logic to illogical or deranged thinking. No, what we must do is seek voices of reason and spokesmen and women for agriculture whose voices are capable of being heard over the steady drumbeat of those who seek to take agriculture back to the hunter-gatherer days.

One of those voices belongs to Bill Gates. Yes, the Microsoft founder is an advocate for agriculture, championing the use of technology and modern agriculture to alleviate hunger throughout the world. At a speech to the UN rural poverty agency (IFAD) in Rome, this week, Gates called for a “digital revolution” to combat hunger by increasing agricultural productivity through satellites and genetically-engineered seed varieties.

“We have to think hard about how to start taking advantage of the digital revolution that is driving innovation including in farming,” Gates said. “If you care about the poorest, you care about agriculture. We believe that it’s possible for small farmers to double and in some cases even triple their yields in the next 20 years while preserving the land.”