In 2008, a majority of women voted for then-Sen. Barack Obama, helping him win the presidency. Two years later, most women broke for Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections.

To try and stop the GOP from going on a roll with two consecutive successful cycles, the president’s reelection team will be sending out 1 million mailings to women in states that figure to be key come November.

Campaign officials confirm to Fox News that the female voter initiative will largely focus on health care. Democrats want to make sure women support the Affordable Care Act, which turns two years old on March 23, and are doing so by getting help from nurses in getting this message out.

Friday, Obama previewed his new pitch at an event in Houston, Texas.

“Women deserve equal day’s pay for equal day’s work,” the president said to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. “Daughters should have the same opportunities as our sons.”