Producers face plenty of challenges, whether it’s rising costs or weather woes or impending regulations.

And that’s to say nothing of their struggles to overcome the false impressions about what it is today’s farmers and ranchers do, and therefore the way their needs can sometimes be trivialized.

Thanks to field hearings on the once-every-five-year farm bill, though, producers have a chance to not only have their say but also bend the ear of Congress. The second of four field hearings was held at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Ill., Friday, where 10 producers offered their input on how best to craft the next farm bill, which expires Sept. 30.

“For our area to get something like this (hearing) is actually quite humbling, but you know, I think it’s well-deserved on our part,” said U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling, R-17th District, who represents four of the 10 speakers at Friday’s hearing.