By my count, the Obama administration’s energy-related rhetoric now irrefutably falls into the category of a false narrative. His “All of the Above” approach to energy? Stick a fork in it; it’s done.

I’ve already written about how Team Obama has been aggressively perpetuating misleading statistics to try and make it appear that his White House has been plenty friendly to the oil industry (when, in fact, they’ve only put a damper on it), and how his administration has been waging war on the all-but-innocuous technique of fracking. But, of course, no form of hydrocarbon energy is safe with Obama at the helm, and his administration’s plans to persecute the coal industry are finally coming to fruition. Coal is the most widely-used energy source for generating electricity in the United States –and the EPA is all set to introduce new rules on Tuesday that will target greenhouse-gas emissions from coal-fired plants: