Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., dismissed President Obama’s “verbal tantrums” about the budget and derided the idea that the Buffett Rule is “budget pixie dust” that will bring fiscal stability.

“We’re kind of used to these verbal tantrums from the president, unfortunately,” Ryan said on Morning Joe. “We propose to increase annual federal spending from $3.6 trillion a year to $4.9 trillion over the ten year period, instead of the president’s $5.5 trillion. Apparently the difference of that makes us social Darwinists? Because we’re saying don’t increase spending as fast as he is, but bring it back to more a sustainable level.”

Ryan argued that the Buffett Rule will hurt the middle class. “I think people think the Buffett Rule is sort of a budget pixie dust, that if we do this it’ll fix all our problems,” he said. “It represents a huge tax increase on job creators . . . Eighty percent of ourbusinesses file their taxes as individuals, so they would get hit by this Buffett Rule.”