Producers can expect a similar weather pattern during harvest this year compared to last year, as this will be the second year of a La Nina pattern, according to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln state climatologist.

Al Dutcher, state climatologist in the university’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, expects to see an overall drier pattern during harvest in the Central Plains. He doesn’t anticipate much delay this year.

“Timing will be more variable due to cooler conditions this spring across the Panhandle and North Central Nebraska,” Dutcher said. “Those regions may not hit crop maturity until late September or early October.”

Dutcher said there has been more soil moisture in western Nebraska this year than last year. Based on precipitation patterns in that region, he said more moisture could carry over into the end of the growing season. As long as there’s no daily rain for two weeks straight, though, Dutcher said producers should have ample time to dry out the soils.