Mitt Romney on Monday accused President Obama of imposing an “onslaught” of regulations and restrictions on domestic energy production.

“Holding off on drilling in the Gulf, holding off on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf, holding off on drilling in Alaska, trying to impose the federal government into ‘fracking’ regulations with regards to natural gas,” Romney said at a western Pennsylvania campaign stop.

“Then, of course, all the regulations related to coal, making it harder to mine it, making it harder to use it. These things have made the cost of energy go up,” he added.

Romney was speaking at a research facility owned by coal and natural-gas giant Consol Energy, a company that has donated to the Super-PAC supporting the former Massachusetts governor’s campaign.

The presumptive GOP White House nominee and congressional Republicans have made energy a pillar of their election-season attacks on Obama amid the recent increases in gasoline prices.