I’ve been doing a lot of business travel in the last couple of weeks, (explaining my temporary absence from these pages, much to the relief of many I’m sure) and have had the chance to reacquaint myself with our old friends at the TSA. Now, as Ed and I have discussed on past trips, I seem to be one of those people who just doesn’t seem to get singled out by the airport inspectors very often. In the past I’ve been fairly comfortable with what seems to be an obvious explanation: I’m an aging white guy with gray hair who tends to dress in business casual clothes and is – let’s admit it – not exactly a Hollywood model in the looks department. Nobody is all that interested in getting their jollies by frisking me.

This stands in stark contrast to the experiences of others, such as our good friend and frequent flying politico, Liz Mair, who seems to get scanned, probed, disrobed and/or groped every time she comes within fifty miles of an airport. (For those who have met Liz, I’ll leave it to you to explain why this probably is.)