Some coaches don’t like to have their teams undefeated headed into the big game of the year. Too much pressure.

Some fighters are said to be so obsessed with the zero at the end of their record they are reluctant to take the super fight. Damaged legacy.

And then there are horses, who really don’t lounge around the stables whinnying about such things.

So that leaves all the talk about Gemologist’s undefeated record to his owners.

“We were at the Wood [Memorial] and [Kenny Troutt, owner of WinStar Farm] says, ‘The only undefeated horse I’ve had this time of year is the one that hasn’t started,’ ” said Elliott Walden, racing manager of WinStar.

“I don’t think there’s any added pressure [being undefeated],” Walden said, “because to win the Derby is pressure enough.”